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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

From a friend(Share It)

How do you ensure that you will continue
to make good money for many years to come.

I suggest that you take to heart and act on the five points
explained below.

1. Always create new products and services

A lot of people create on product and assume that will make
them the dough forever. It just doesn't ha ppen. You have to
create and introduce new lines of products and services
regularly to stay competitive.

2. Build a list

Everywhere you turn to online, you will hear this statement.

It's all true. Once you build and maintain an email list,
you can not go broke again. Just turn to your list and make
them interesting offers. Always remember to give them
valuable gifts occassionally.

3. Always advertise

Initially, I thought I shouldn't add this because it's kind
of obvious but it's amazing the number of marketers that no
longer promote their businesses. They are contented with
what they currently earn.

If you promote your business regularly, you will be in the
"eyes" of your prospects and you won't be forgotten.

4. Build an army of affiliates

This is without doubt the most potent way to keep your
business at the top for a long time.

Put your efforts into building an army of people that will
be promoting your products for you. They will be working
round the clock growing your business while you concentrate
your efforts into creating other products.

5. Do "all the above" everyday.

It's easy to just know what to do and also talk about it but
nothing works as much as rolling up one's sleeves and
getting things done.

Make sure you do all we've discussed above everyday. Even if
it's just little things like posting comments on forums
and blogs.

If you do that everyday, you'll be surprised at the amount
of efforts you have put in your business.

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