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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Effective Follow up

Effective follow-up must take a combined approach that incorporates these three elements:

1) EDUCATION. Your follow-ups must inform your prospects. You need to provide valuable information. You need to communicate to your prospect that you are on their side and deserve to be trusted. You'll accomplish this if you provide them with accurate, insightful information. The sales process is confusing and intimidating for your customers. They WANT to trust you. Give them the information they need and you'll earn their trust.

2) REPETITION. It's a proven fact that human beings have to hear the same thing over and over before it sinks in. Marketing and Sales is no different. YOU know your products and services like the back of your hand, but your customers don't "get it" the first time they hear the message. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if a prospect heard the pitch once, they understood it. Chances are, they didn't. Tell them again, and again and again.

3) VARIETY. This doesn't mean you vary your message!!! You need to consistently tell your message, but your follow-up DELIVERY needs variety. To maximize your sales, you must use multi-step follow-up sequences that incorporate direct mail, phone, e-mail, fax, voice broadcasts, and other media! There is serious power that comes when you contact your prospects using multiple methods.

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