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Friday, July 04, 2008

Sell Information

Some computer savvy individuals sell information locally.
They go around to local businesses, ask what computer
problems they are having, and offer to supply solutions.
Often, all that means is going home, going online, finding
the answer and burning a CD with the solution on it. They
go back to the business and either sell the CD outright, or
use the information or software on it to do the work for
the business owner. That can be a quick $50 or $100 right
there! Creating and hosting Web pages for local businesses
can mean hundreds of dollars up front and monthly fees for
sharing a "reseller" hosting plan from a hosting service.

Creating unique video information can be extremely
profitable. Whether you offer yoga instruction, step by
step directions for installing security cameras,
screenshots and narration of software use, or any of the
millions of possible ways to teach somebody something with
moving pictures, you can do like the other people who
actually make a living doing this. The yoga instruction and
security camera videos are specialized niche products that
actually sell for $97 a piece!

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