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Friday, July 04, 2008


The cheapest products to sell can be the most profitable.
Since information is often the most valuable thing you can
buy, selling information products is probably the best way
to get and stay profitable online! For example, if you buy
an eBook with resell rights, you pay for it once and can
resell it, at no additional cost, as many times as you
like. Producing a batch of CD's or DVD's (with a
professional look, complete with jewel cases) can cost as
little as $1 per unit. With the advent of "print on
demand", you can be selling a book you wrote for a
percentage of the sale price, without having to buy up or
store a dozen cases of books in your house.

There are many different ways you can tap into the market
for information that the Internet has created. Sure,
there's a lot of free information out there - but you get
what you pay for! If all you do is sort through the
information on a given subject, compile it into a report
that's easy to read and use, you have a product that can
make you money for a long time to come. The number of
people that have no idea how to find information on the
'Net is far larger than most people imagine. Many of these
people will pay good money for someone else to do the

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