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Saturday, July 05, 2008


The huge market for eBooks is growing every day. The most
popular format for computer-challenged information seekers
is the .EXE format, which works almost like a Web site. You
click on an embedded link and it takes you to another page
or picture in the book. There are free eBook compilers that
you can use to make a useful eBook in just a few short
hours. Once made, you can resell the book forever and never
have to spend a cent to do so. Although Mac users can't
open .EXE programs, many Macintosh computers now have
Windows operating systems on them, which will easily open
an .EXE eBook.

Information products have to be the most exciting area of
eCommerce. No other way of selling something on the
Internet (or offline) has the profit potential of a good
info-product. Extremely low cost, high demand and the
potential for unlimited reselling means you must take a
look at this way of doing business. In the Information Age,
targeted, specific, user-friendly information is the most
valuable commodity that you can sell, and resell!

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