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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What are PLR,s

The first time i came accross the term PLR,i ignored it and refused to refer to it.Little did i know that iwas ignoring a veritable asset for making money online.When i discovered i was not making as much money with the paid to clicks,i resolved to review all i had picked up along my quest to make money on the internet I am happy to announce that PLR,s are your surest bet to make real money online.
We may then ask,what are plr,s? PLR,s are private label rights whose content once purchased allows you to use that content as your own.This means you can rewrite the content,you can put your name to it,you can use such content as you please.You can use a plr as a bonus,you can use it to build your list,you can use it as articles i.e your articles to ezine margazines,you can also use it as content for your website.So when next you see PLR,s don,t just walk away.Check to see what it can do for you and be assured you won,t be dissappointed.

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