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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seven steps to a solid monthly income

I got this information as unsolicited mail but the contents are good.For instance you can make income with subscription to a good membership site.To set up a membership site has become simple.listed below are the steps you take to put up a successfull membership site
Step 1
Choose a market. This is critical. You should look for a
market you're going to enjoy working in as well as a market
people spend money in. People spend money where they are
passionate. Markets like sports, pets, business, and hobbies
all make hot markets to launch a membership website

Step 2
Test the market. Visit forums and chat rooms and ask people
if they know of any good websites that offer up-to-date

Step 3
Use your research from Step 2 to develop a rough outline of
what your website will offer your members

Step 4
Write a sales letter and have the graphics professionally
designed. If you can't do this yourself, hire a freelancer
from elance.com or guru.com

Step 5
Set up the membership software to run the site.

Step 6
Populate the site with your content

Step 7
Market your site and let the cash flow begin.

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