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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I love Pay Per Post

I hope to become a big business blogger soon.Thanks to Pay per post who has granted me the opportunity.I love pay per post principally because it knows how to groom bloggers.
I heard about pay per post from Supermom in one of my programs.I signed up immediately.
I signed up mainly because i wanted to make some money as a blogger.Like i said before i believe i have the makings of a good business blogger.I also want to believe i have made friends with pay per post.The definition of a friend is someone who helps you
realize your dream and that is exactly what pay per post is helping me to do.In the course of this business i hope to make more friends.Pay per post has taught me to maintain standards in my blogging.When i applied initially i was turned down because i did not have certain criteria.I had to go back and work hard for three months before resubmitting my blog for approval.They have encouraged me further by paying me to write this post.It is highly encouraging and commendable.I will definitely make a lot of money with pay per post.Some of these money i will use to take care of my extended family.I also hope to draw the attention of people in my country to the opportunities that abound in blogging.I hope to organize seminars and conferences and the like to help introduce more people into the business of blogging.Thank you so much Pay Per post for what you have done and what you are doing.This is a great and exciting program

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