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Monday, November 06, 2006

7 ways to choose your own home business for maximum success

7 ways to choose your own home business for maximum success
By: Michel Richer
Deciding to work from home can be a good http://www.abedon.com/ decision or a bad one. It depends of your attitude and your love for business. If you really make the decision to start a home business you have made the first step to succeed http://universalwebserver.com/monrey510/random.htm?fp14.htm . But now the question is: " How do i choose the best home business among the internet business opportunities jungle ?There are litterally millions of them on the internet. Where do i start ? And how do i know if this or this home business is the right one for me ?There are so many home business opportunities out there that its hard to know where to start. And how do you know you have chosen the best one http://homeincomeportal.com/ ? It can all get pretty frustrating.First do some research. How long are they in business ? Do they have a good products to sales ? Do they pay good commission ? Do they deliver the check ? (I remember one home business where i have nerver seen a check !)So here is 7 ways to choose your own home business1. FREE to joinDo you have to pay to join an affiliate program for example ? How much those it cost ? Are you willing to pay $1000 a month or between $30 to $100 a month ? Are you willing to advertise between $50 to $5000 a month to bring people etc.Most people dont want to pay a lot of money before starting up a home business. So in my experience you should choose a home business that cost $30 to $75 a month.(It should be FREE to join). The cost should be for buying product to try yourself and advertising http://nehoma.com/monrey510/random.htm?fp16.htm. 2. FREE website. Does your home business offer you a free website or gateways ? If not! Are you able to make or run a website. Or to pay to make one. (It can cost between $100 to $5000 to have one made by an expert.)3. FREE Training and follow-upWhat kind of support and training does the Internet company offer? What kind of support and training do you want when you start up your home business? Do you want ongoing training ? Or just a Smart Start Training ?4. Great ProductsDoes the company offer exclusive product like vitamin or special information ? Is it easy to sale ? Is it a quality product ? Does it have a money back guaranteed ? Are they to pricey to buy ?5. Compensation PlanDoes the company offer a good commission like between 40% to 80% per sales ? Does it offer residual income ? (a residual income; is an income you get month after month on the same product you sell to the clients as long as he keeps buying it).Does it offer great rewards like after 4 sales you get a bonus ? Are there clear goals that you can achieve? Is it hard to achieve does goals ?6. Leads generation systemDoes your home business offer you leads that you can buy to build your business ? Are those leads old or new leads ? Are they double opt-in or even triple opt-in quality leads ? Are they really good leads ? 7. Does your home business offer you a resource center ?Like a hit counter with live stat. A powerline genealogy where you can see the name and address of your affiliateA sales report (SVP, Commission etc.)Marketing aids (text ads, flyer, banner ads, wearables etc.)Contact manager (where you can contact all your affiliate )Key Code Tracking (for tracking your marketing effort)Help Desk (FAQ's, Retrieve Password, Support, Email checklist etc.)This is a short summary of what to look for for a home business. You can find all this in my home business opportunities. Copyright Michel RicherMichel Richer is the Business Manager and Webmaster of http://Hombyz.com. He is dedicated to helping you succeed on the Internet. With over 10 years experience in internet business and a solid reputation in the industry. You can take a look at his website at: http://hombyz.com for Your Home Business Success !!!
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