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Friday, September 19, 2008

Web hosting

Web hosting is what makes your website available on the internet.

It’s important to choose a good web host in order to avoid potential problems.

Important things to look for in a web hosting company…

1) The resources and tools that you’ll need

-Plenty of storage space and data transfer
-Cpanel control panel (I wouldn’t go anywhere without it)
-MySQL, PHP, etc…
-Fantastico scripts installer (one click WordPress, etc)

2) Great support

-look for 24/7 support, and multiple support options

3) Reliability.

-If your website isn’t online, it’s not making money!

4) Affordable price.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Know this about your prospects

To be able to market to your clients successfully,know the following
1. Age- Everything you say and write, including slang, allusions, word difficulty, and topics should be adjusted to meet age appropriateness.

2. Gender- Despite the dual roles men and women tend to fill, most individuals can be segmented (and sold to) based on gender-specific interests or needs.

3. Location- Values and culture tend to vary based on demographics. Having a clear understanding of regional difference will improve your targeted messages.

4. Education Level- Similar to age appropriateness, education levels should determine how you address your prospects and what benefits they will find in your product or service.

5. Income- The needs and wants from one social class to another should be a guide to the types of products and services you should be selling them.

6. Marital Status- The values, needs, and desires of married persons greatly differ from those that are single. Marketing family messages to single persons (and vice versa) can lose the deal for you.

7. What Keeps Them Up At Night- This is the most important one. You've got to know your prospect's fears, worries, concerns, excitements, hopes and dreams. When you know the conversation inside your prospect's head, you can enter it, speak to it, and build a relationship that leads to a customer.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

AudioVisual Management

Audiovisual Management Worldwide is a consulting company that arranges corporate meetings.It has competent professionals that plan meetings and events.
It has eight years experience in audiovisual management and production.
AVMW can also help to stage lighting,rent video equipment,and arrange audience response for any meeting .There is none better in this business than
Audiovisual management Worldwide.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

From a friend(Share It)

How do you ensure that you will continue
to make good money for many years to come.

I suggest that you take to heart and act on the five points
explained below.

1. Always create new products and services

A lot of people create on product and assume that will make
them the dough forever. It just doesn't ha ppen. You have to
create and introduce new lines of products and services
regularly to stay competitive.

2. Build a list

Everywhere you turn to online, you will hear this statement.

It's all true. Once you build and maintain an email list,
you can not go broke again. Just turn to your list and make
them interesting offers. Always remember to give them
valuable gifts occassionally.

3. Always advertise

Initially, I thought I shouldn't add this because it's kind
of obvious but it's amazing the number of marketers that no
longer promote their businesses. They are contented with
what they currently earn.

If you promote your business regularly, you will be in the
"eyes" of your prospects and you won't be forgotten.

4. Build an army of affiliates

This is without doubt the most potent way to keep your
business at the top for a long time.

Put your efforts into building an army of people that will
be promoting your products for you. They will be working
round the clock growing your business while you concentrate
your efforts into creating other products.

5. Do "all the above" everyday.

It's easy to just know what to do and also talk about it but
nothing works as much as rolling up one's sleeves and
getting things done.

Make sure you do all we've discussed above everyday. Even if
it's just little things like posting comments on forums
and blogs.

If you do that everyday, you'll be surprised at the amount
of efforts you have put in your business.

Effective Follow up

Effective follow-up must take a combined approach that incorporates these three elements:

1) EDUCATION. Your follow-ups must inform your prospects. You need to provide valuable information. You need to communicate to your prospect that you are on their side and deserve to be trusted. You'll accomplish this if you provide them with accurate, insightful information. The sales process is confusing and intimidating for your customers. They WANT to trust you. Give them the information they need and you'll earn their trust.

2) REPETITION. It's a proven fact that human beings have to hear the same thing over and over before it sinks in. Marketing and Sales is no different. YOU know your products and services like the back of your hand, but your customers don't "get it" the first time they hear the message. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if a prospect heard the pitch once, they understood it. Chances are, they didn't. Tell them again, and again and again.

3) VARIETY. This doesn't mean you vary your message!!! You need to consistently tell your message, but your follow-up DELIVERY needs variety. To maximize your sales, you must use multi-step follow-up sequences that incorporate direct mail, phone, e-mail, fax, voice broadcasts, and other media! There is serious power that comes when you contact your prospects using multiple methods.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


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Use these ideas

ONLINE PAYMENT SOLUTION: You might have been browsing online and come across some items online but don't know how to buy that product either because they are requesting for credit card which you don't have and don't know how to get it, if you are having that problem so also are millions of people outside United states and you could be walking your self to millions of naira providing solution to that problem. Now this is the idea, there are places where you can buy prepaid cards and resell to them for profits. after adequate research we will let you know

2). INFO PRODUCT: This is another good one because this can make you fast millionaire if you learn how to play the card in it. It's all about looking for the solution t o so me problem. A solution to problem is what every body requires, find the solution and get paid millions. For example think about when you get the cure for AIDS and tell people to contact you that you have the cure for AIDS, your phone will ring like crazy and your bank account will be too small to accommodate your income. You know that a lot of people want to loss weight, women especially, if you can get a solution for them, I bet you, you will sell to high heavens.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to profit from niche

Go through the research process and answer these 4 questions for each topic that you are considering.

- How big is the niche?
- How competitive is the niche?
- How potentially profitable is the niche?
- Is there potential for back end products?

2) Choose a niche that seems to have a good balance; one that you want to pursue. We will be further refining it

Once you’ve identified a potentially lucrative niche, you need to go the extra mile and dig deeper. You need to zoom in on the market and find out EXACTLY what they want.

There are some simple ways of surveying the market and focusing your topic to give it the best chance of success, and I’ll be detailing those strategies in futre


A niche is essentially a specialized market containing a group of people who share a common interest or quality.

Reasons newbies get stuck at this point:

1) They think they’re going to be married to it (so they stress out and procrastinate making the choice)
2) They’re afraid it’s going to fail and not be profitable.

(both reasons are basically that they are afraid of choosing the wrong niche)

We can start with one of two possible branches:

1) Something you know
2) Something you don’t know

There are pros and cons to both of those sides, but I prefer starting with something you know and are passionate about because:

1) Your enthusiasm will help sell it
2) It will be a better product
3) You can relate to your market

Try not to fall in love with your product idea, as it could become a stumbling block if you’re attached to it.

Consider the possibility of developing several products in several niches over the long term (multiple streams of income add stability to your business), but start with ONE.

The key is research. (make sure it’s a good niche BEFORE you invest additional time and money into the business)

Some questions I answer through research:

- How big is the niche?
- How competitive is the niche?
- How profitable is the niche?

Is there potential for back end products? (If not, you may want to reconsider)

Trends and fads can be VERY profitable, but you should consider an evergreen topic if you want to build this particular business for the long term.

People are looking for information to ease their pain or fuel their pleasure. That’s the kind of information they’re willing to pay for.

Action step: